Quality Dachshund Puppies

Quality Dachshund Puppies

Miniature Dachshund Puppies For Sale

How We Handle Shipping

Although Picking Up Your Puppy In Person At The Breeder Is Ideal, We Understand This Is Simply Not Practical For Everybody. To Accommodate Those Who Cannot Pick Up Their Puppies In Person, We Offer Two Travel Options:

Option One: Ground Transportation

Together, we’ll arrange and confirm a travel date to insure our puppies are ready for their exciting day they get to meet their new family.

Puppy Pickup:
We can arrange to meet half way with you (depending on the distance) so picking up your puppy will be made easier. We love the opportunity to hang out with your dog for the day and make some road-trip memories (and potty stops) together!

Joyful Reunion:
The best part! Its always a pleasure to hand-deliver, from our arms to yours, the new love of your life!

Ground travel is 50 cents per mile.

Option Two: Air Transportation

Airport Selection:
We’ll find and choose the most convenient airport that provides a Pet program and an incoming flight schedule that is best for the dog at any given point in time while minimizing cost/time and at same time, making sure your puppy gets to you safely.

Booking & Pickup:
We take care of the entire booking process within 12-24hours prior to your delivery. Pick up is either at the ticketing counter or the Petsafe/cargo office at your airport.

White Glove Delivery:
We (a member of our family) can personally hand carry your puppy on a confirmed flight and meet you at your local airport. The cost of this service is negotiable within the United States. The price includes airfare, carry on puppy fees that airlines charge & an airline approved carrier for you to keep.

Flight Nanny:
We can arrange for a pet flight nanny service to hand carry your puppy on a flight and meet you at your local airport. Flight nannies fly standby so you must be very flexible, days or pick up times can change. The nannies communicate throughout the trip and even send photos. The cost of this service is negotiable and prices vary to Canada.

United Airlines PetSafe Program And American Airlines Pet Transport Program:
The puppies fly in a climate & pressure controlled compartment on a confirmed flight. They are offered water & food along the way. Shipping costs are negotiable within the United States. This includes airfare, an airline approved pet carrier, and an additional health certificate from the veterinarian that the airline requires. If you are purchasing two puppies, they can fly together for one fee.

Air travel starts at $100 for Delta or American Airlines. United Airlines is an additional $50. Prices may vary depending on size, temperatures, and destination to cover additional costs. Rates include travel costs, your puppy’s health certificate, and travel carrier.

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we provide you and your family with the best quality companion that will bring happiness to everyone in the house

Health Guarantee

Because Our Puppies' health is a top concern, all Our dogs come with a health/vet record bearing a 01year health guarantee.


We believe in family.. any puppy out of our home is still family.. feel free to tell us any doubt or answers to what ever you need.

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